I’ve always been obsessed with skin care more than makeup. There’s nothing great than having healthy and good skin from head to toe. The best wardrobe any girl could show off is clean, clear, smooth and velvety skin. One thing I learned as I grow older (and wiser) these years is that- whether you’re morena or mestiza, it doesn’t matter. Beauty is about celebrating the uniqueness that is– you.

“Beauty is about being real, being sincere, being transparent and being different. People don’t really think much about what they see, but how you made them feel.”

A classic fact is that people, most of the time, want what they can’t have. Asians who are not that fair wants to whiten up due to Korean, Western and Japanese telenovelas and magazine covers, conversely those who are fair always want a tan as well. Whiter skin for Asians is a status symbol of success and of higher status in society. However, in Western countries having tanned skin means you have the money to go on a vacation, relax on a beach while getting a nice tan.  Beauty products have soared in the market due to these demands. Network Marketing companies are even sprouting everywhere taking advantage of this need. Whether it’s the science of whitening or tanning- both could pose serious threats to our health. The ingredient called “hydroquinone”, a bleaching ingredient has been banned in so many countries because it’s scientifically proven to be carcinogenic. Mercury, steroids, tretinoin and arsenics are other forms of poisons, are usually present in these whitening products as well which were proved to cause skin cancer, liver damage and mercury poisoning. Over the counter tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone, or DHA- all of which are said to fry your DNA.  Some countries (especially the Philippines) don’t really ban these products. Good luck to us third world peeps!

The quest to finding the perfect moisturizer

In my sweet sixteen”patweetums” years, I was one of those naive teenagers, I enjoyed the wonders of body butters I was entranced that my mom and my good looking titas use Jergens, Dove, Myra E and Olay. I was a lazy teenager when it comes to beauty stuff so I didn’t really bother that much. On my college years though, I became more “concerned” with my health and aging, I started applying and deviated towards brands which I thought were healthy and “green” sounding (eco-friendly)  like Burt Bee’s, Aveeno and Khiel’s- all of which were horrifyingly a cocktail of carcinogens too! They usually have these:

  1. PARABENS. A preservative keeping off bacteria in beauty products for longer shelf life, but has been proven to mimic hormones and were found in breast cancer tumor samples.
  2. FRAGRANCE.  FDA doesn’t require brands to list what is contained in these fragrances. But these could be hundreds of chemicals, all labeled as “fragrance”.
  3. Phthalates. Another hormone disruptor and instrumental to breast cancer development and birth defects.

After knowing these during my pregnancy, and reading this article, I literally wanna puke! Our skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs 60%-80% of what we put into it! No way will I ever see a Dove commercial the same way again. These brands I’ve been constantly exposing in my ThrowOut Tuesdays if you want to read more.

A review of Human Heart Nature Lotions

human heart nature lotion review

My love affair with lotions ended when I was pregnant. A True Beauty Enlightenment period where I realized that almost all beauty products were trying to kill us rather than nourish us. (My story here) I resorted to using pure organic oils (that I share with my baby) instead and streamlined my beauty routine- the simpler the better!

Just yesterday, these arrived in my doorstep though. Unbelievably, Human Heart Nature has an all natural lotion. How could I have missed? I’ve literally been using almost all of their products. In case you don’t know this awesome company, you may want to read more about them here. It’s their brand’s philosophy and advocacies that resonated with my entire being.

human heart nature lotion review

Lotions are still a taboo in my dictionary, but how can I resist trying out Human Heart Nature’s version? Aside from being PETA certified (cruelty-free), they’ve recently been certified by the (NPA) Natural Products Association. I wish someday they could also get into USDA certifications to be truly world-class. I’m sure that’s part of their road map already.

First impressions

The lotions are amazingly very lightweight (unlike their old butter cream line) and is easily absorbed by the skin! I like that it’s not as greasy as most mainstream brands are. Great moisturizing performance!

human heart nature lotion reviewhuman heart nature lotion reviewThe Berry Bliss is a delicious scent! It’s for fruity scent lovers. Scent was too intense when you open the bottle, but once applied, it’s not really strong at all!

human heart nature lotion review

Next is the Powder Love Scent. This one’s my favorite since I’m not really keen to having fruity lotions. This one’s heavenly and is unisex. I hope they come up with versions for men.

Human Heart Nature Lotion Powder Fresh

Another variation is Blossom Beauty. My second favorite. Reminds me of early morning fresh-cut flowers! The scent isn’t really overpowering! I love though that it stays for a few hours with me.

Human Heart Nature Lotion Blossom

What to love?

  • I would say it’s plant-based and vegetarian
  • 100% All Natural
  • No mineral oil
  • No parabens
  • No dimethicones
  • No phthalates
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Scent lingers longer
  • Light-weight. Non-greasy.
  • Instead of this harmful chemicals in lotion, this one is loaded with 12 Anti Oxidants: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B9, B12, C, E, K, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and zinc which prevent skin cell damage, encourage cell renewal, decrease wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, enhance collagen synthesis, and diminish skin imperfections.
  • Reasonably Priced. Most natural lotions costs double.

human heart nature lotion review

Final Verdict.

Another HNN product winner for me! This one surpassed my expectations. If you hate thick and greasy formulas, this one’s a winner. I’ve always been a supporter for local and international companies that are truly good, safe, pure and biodegradable. Companies that truly cares about you, the animals and the environment.  (Greenwashing expose every other Tuesday happens here)  All Human Heart Nature products are at the least 95% all natural but most of them are 100% natural. I hope they could also indicate percentages of how organic their sources are eventually. Meanwhile, I have to give kuddos to HNN. My fears in lotion are beginning to subside slowly bit by bit.

I do hope that they come up with more scents in the future like strawberries, vanilla, citrusy scents and green tea!! :) Oh by the way Human Heart Nature has recycling programs. Return your bottles to their main branch and you get 30% of on your purchases.

Final advice to consumers: Always read your labels before buying! You may want to view my Cheatsheet when buying green beauty products.

human heart nature lotion review

Where to buy?


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The Anatomy of a Healthy Lotion: A review of Human Heart Nature Lotion
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  • Mai Casanguan

    I used Human Nature products too,But haven’t try this.I’m more of SunFlower oil.

  • Lady Anne Louise ☺♥

    I’ll definitely try human nature. Thanks for posting.

  • Mean Yandoc

    It’s a realization for me that as women, we really have to take care our skin than mask ourselves with make up. Love our skin first.

  • http://www.islesgilian.com islesgilian

    Looks great. I also like products that are pro-environment and non-toxic. =)

  • mrsbry126

    I’ve also began looking at cosmetic ingredients when I became pregnant. And now as a mom, I only want to use products which are safe for the kids because we are always together. I’m so thankful for HHN products! I love their Sunflower Oil and Fem wash :) I will try their lotions next.

  • http://nhengswonderland.blogspot.com/ Nheng

    I love Human Heart! I am a loyal user of their Sunflower Oil!

  • Jennifer Villanueva

    Hahaha! I can just imagine your reaction about the health risks of some commercially available products… I was just like that too when I was pregnant… Thank God my baby came out just fine, and so far no damage on my end (atleast that’s what i believe in) hehe.

  • http://animetric.blogspot.com animetric

    I’m more into skin care than makeup too :)
    I want to try those HN lotions!

  • http://mommyrockininstyle.blogspot.com/ Mhaan Arambulo-Delos Santos

    I love HHN but havent tried their lotions. I have this skin condition kasi so I always use Physiogel. But will definitely recommend this to friends who prefer natural and organic products.

  • http://pearlcacollege.com/MathsTution.html thomaskutty thankachan

    I see this blog good quality and excellent. I earn good knowledge and skill.

  • http://hellogreenbeauty.blogspot.com Melody (Hello Green Beauty)

    My favorite HHN lotion scent is Powder Love, it really smells like baby powder. What I love about HHN lotion is all of its ingredients are vegetable-derived. Even the preservatives they used (anisic acid and glyceryl caprylate) are Ecocert approved.

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