Snackimals Barbaras Review

Hi guys, just sharing to you our recent organic snack addiction. (*Not a sponsored post) I brought these cookies on a whim at Healthy Options and the family can’t stop eating it. (Can’t resist sharing it!) I have to be honest, I feel so guilty when I finish a bag more than my toddler! (Bad mommy!)

You see I have a big problem. I have a picky eater toddler! What seems to be just in commercials where a mom tirelessly chase a kid to eat- is currently our everyday routine, with the climax of food scattering in the floor and toddler makes an evil laugh. (*Still angelic laugh though*) This toddler is the unhealthiest eater possible. Doesn’t eat veggies and fruits- only eat carbs. Pasta with sundried tomatoes are her mainstay (hates the meat), french fries and anything “snack-like”. So it’s really hard to look for healthier options for her. Fortunately this one became her favorite! It’s not the total healthy food, but it’s better than the junk in the grocery stores. That alleluhia moment!

This snack isn’t for kids only. I think I secretly love it more. Crunchy yet still creamy. They like melt in your mouth and are overly fulfilling. Barbara’s Snackimals makes me feel like a kid again without the cardboard tastelike┬ámost animal crackers do have. Best part is they’re low in sugar and fat, made from organic sources, no artificial flavors, colors and transfat but still chocolatey enough to satisfy one’s sweet tooth! It’s a bit crumbly and crunchy that’s why my toddler likes it A LOT. It’s good to note that the company cares is environmentally conscious too.

My favorite flavor is the PEANUT butter. It’s super yummy and has a unique texture. My toddler loves the double chocolate. Crispy and delicious. I just really wish they do have sugar free versions in the future.

Final Verdict. They’re definitely going to be our go to emergency snack! Especially on long trips. They’re absolutely cute and delicious, you can still share with each other the small bag. Very tasty without all the bad sugar and junk in other cookies. Best animal cookies so far! (*Feeling giddy inside*)

Where to buy: Healthy Options, Rustans Department storeSnackimals Barbaras ReviewSnackimals Barbaras Review

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Picky toddler’s pick: Barbara’s Snackimals Review

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