I’m a vegan wannabe.  I just love that “after feeling” of eating good food without the guilt. (Just like makeup) I wouldn’t call myself a picky eater but eating good food, makes me happy. (Judge not though, I have my moments of weakness too!)  My baby is allergic to chicken and eggs so that’s an advantage. But due to the limited availability of ingredients here in Manila and of course my limited vegan cooking skills, there’s no way I can convince my carnivore husband that. On weekdays, we are pescetarians. But I try to detox and eat veggies only when we are not together. Fish is like a treat for me already. I stock myself mushrooms, occasional tofus and lots of beans beans, because I love beans.  When I eat fish, I just try to convince myself that Jesus eats fish too! Haha. (We’re catholics by the way) But anyways we all know to live an optimum life, removing GMO’s (hormones) and harmful chemicals in food and eating raw and vegan is the way to go. That’s for the bravest and most resilient spirits out there- I salute you.  Hopefully someday I get to create kickass vegan stuff. Meanwhile let me indulge you with  green and healthy restaurants I find in the city from time to time. Starting with Salad Stop.

Salad Stop Manila

I was overjoyed when I discovered this near Rockwell Cinemas. I sometimes hate the feeling of rushing to catch a movie and just buying any food that’s convenient to take to the cinemas just to curb our appetites. So when I saw this, I’m just really really ecstatic! There’s really no excuse to eat unhealthy on date nights anymore!!! :)

Salad Stop Manila

Salad Stop originated in Singapore. They believe in “Eating Wide Awake” – simply put, it is basic human right to truly eat well. They believe that in every bowl of salad, is a catalyst for change. (How powerful is that!)

“We want everyone to wake up to the fact that you are what you eat, and our mission is to be a leader in this change.”

I particularly love the “organic” feel of the place and the artworks too! Very motivating and inspirational. I suddenly wish I ate good and healthy food all my life!

Salad Stop Manila

salad stop manilaCustom salads and wraps starts at P300. You can choose up to 8 ingredients and they’re very generous with the amount of ingredients they put!

Salad Stop Manila Fresh Ingredients

Since I’m not feeling a bit adventurous that moment, I didn’t dare create my own and just asked what their bestsellers are.

Salad Stop Manila Fresh Ingredients

Salad Stop Manila Fresh Ingredients

According to the lady it’s #7 #9 and #10. (Big Bird, Tuna San and Omega 3 Baby) So that’s exactly what we got! And we tried their pumpkin soup too for the baby.

Omega 3 Baby from Salad Stop Manila

So this is the Omega 3 Baby- Lots of seafood healthy oils for the skin! I got this one. It’s made of dark romaine (Very healthy, the darker the greens the better!), smoked salmon, broccoli. cherry tomatoes, beetroot, red onions and loads of sunflower seeds! I love sunflower seeds. It’s full of antioxidants. And I so love their Balsamic Soy Vinaigrette. I was tempted to ask for more of the dressing. It’s a yummy crunchy bowl of goodness! If there’s a skin glowing bowl, it would be this. 😉

Omega 3 Baby Salad Stop Manila

Big Bird Salad from Salad Stop Manila

The second bowl of salad is the Big Bird Salad. This one’s for the carnivore like my husband! At first he was quite feeling melancholic expecting a huge “eat all you can” dinner that night but we ended up with this salad bar instead. But after eating this, he was quite impressed at how good and “filling” it was.

Big Bird at Salad Stop Manila

Romaine, smoked turkey (lots of them!!), avocado, green apple, celery, red grapes and ranch dressing. I particularly love whipping this type of creamier salad. I love avocados in my salad. And the red grapes adds up to the flavor! (I just wish there are organic grapes and apples in the Philippines! huhu) All in all this one’s really yummy if you want that creamy type of salad without the fat. :)

Most favorite: The Tuna San Salad Bowl at Salad Stop Manila

Last but not the least salad is the Tuna San- my favorite. One of their bestsellers as well. Made of Romaine, seared tuna, avocado, edamame (lots of them!), cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, sesame seeds and yummy Wasabi Honey Soy Dressing!If you like Asian Dressings with a kind of twist, this one’s your salad too.

Tuna San Salad Bowl at Stop Manila

So these are just salad bowls. You can convert them into wraps too! I just personally think the bowls are gigantic than the wraps. (I should try their wraps sometime) Also if you don’t particularly like an ingredient you can always swap them for something else. :) Awesome salad bar right?

Pumpkin Soup

I’m just really not a fan of their pumpkin soup. I wish it was more creamier. I added more pepper to make it tastier. But looks like my baby enjoyed. The breadsticks are yummy.

Salad Stop Manila

Salad Stop Mango Muesli Manila


They have a parade of sexy desserts! And the winner for tonight’s beauty dessert pageant is— tada…


… because we are too full from 3 big bowls of salad and a pumpkin soup, we picked the prettiest – the Strawberry Muesli! Salad Stop Mango Muesli Manila

This inspired me to create my own muesli snacks at home! I wonder why it’s sweet. I really hope there’s no sugar in it. I wonder what greek yougart they used. Salad Stop Mango Muesli Manila

Final Verdict

My grumpy T-Rex (carnivore husband), who thought our salad trip won’t curb his appetite went home with a huge smile pasted on his face! He said he enjoyed and felt fulfilled surprisingly and suddenly talks non-stop about healthy lifestyle. What I love about salad bars is that “after feeling”. It’s that natural high you get after eating good food for the body. How awesome is that? This one’s definitely going to be on my favorite resto list in the Metro. Not your everyday kind of trip because of the price, but it’s a good convenient stop for busy people like us! I wish they do deliveries for corporate offices too!

Salad Stop does hold true to its values. The end result is really truly awakening.  It helps people wake up to reality- that this is how good our food should always be, to be able to start truly living.

I would definitely be trying out more of their salad variations soon! :)

*This is not a sponsored post

Salad Stop Rockwell
Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Dr,Poblacion, Makati
Phone Number(02) 833-4754

Salad Stop BGC
Central Square, Bonifacio High Street Taguig
+63 917 804 6921 and +63 2 958 5534

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Healthy Date Nights: A review of Salad Stop Rockwell Manila
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