Little Siberica

Tantrum and irritability spells happen when my toddler’s skin is dry. Eversince she was a baby, we always make sure to hydrate her after bath. But then we discovered that rubbing oil to her chest and back avoids her from her concurrent asthma attack. This wonderful discovery led us to experiment with different types of oils and scents and so far, lavender had always been our favorite. Asthma has been around the family already. Both me and her dad have asthma genes. So this discovery was a huge blessing!

Little Siberica Soothing Oil

I was ecstatic to try this new Organic line at Beauty Bar. I was intrigued that it boasts of  being an “Award Winner for BEST ORGANIC MOTHER & Baby PRODUCT at Europe and London 2013″  It’s Cosmos Standard Certified. A European certification equivalent to our usual USDA seal which guarantees the purity, safety and naturalness of products. (Peace of mind, ladies. Again if you’re new to this blog, you may refer to some quick tips how to switch your beauty products to safer ones here.)

Basically, it’s a mix of different seed oils and fruit oils mostly are issued from organic agriculture and are natural. 20% organic, but 100% natural! Mainly it’s made of flaxseed oil that softens and skin and highly safe for baby’s sensitive skin.  My baby likes it because it’s non-greasy and fast absorbent. And the scent is very soothing! I also use it in my body sometimes if I lazy to pick my own moisturizer. Although it’s quite pricey. I’m the type of person though that my only “luho” instead of designer bags and shoes is anything about my baby. Almost 80% of our household expenses goes to the baby. So if you’re like me and only wants the best for them, you may want to try this well-loved product. You’ll surely love it.

Little Siberica Soothing Oil

Little Siberica Soothing Oil

I would definitely recommend this especially to newborns too because of the purity and non allergenic ingredients. 

Where to buy: The Beauty Bar, Php 950/bottle

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Litte Siberica Baby Soothing Oil

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