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Lately I came across the new Origins store interactive store in SM Makati and I can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful store! Prettiest beauty store as of the date. Kuddos to SM Makati!! The event stylist in me can’t help but applaud everything. How can you not love Origins and that TREE logo? What a comeback Origins! Everything is drool worthy. I remember my aunts are so obsessed with it before. I also thought they were totally all-natural. I always had the understanding that the products were purely plant based and has undergone this rigorous, ethical and  sophisticated process and innovation.

Origins Manila SM Makati

After extensive research before I plunge on my first purchase I was disappointed to discover that Origins is said to be greenwashing, is not PURELY NATURAL and does TEST ON ANIMALS :( Let’s find out! Read on…

According to Mr Wikipedia, Greenwashing is a form of deceptive marketing in which products are promoted with the perception that an organization’s products are compliant to environment and doesn’t contain chemicals that are hazardous to human beings.

Claim: Origins is “Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.”

Opinion: Origins claims that their production involves natural energy and renewable resources and that their products are formulated with organic and natural ingredients- this is true. For the most part, most of their products are free from harmful ingredients– but not free of synthetic ingredients by any means. Although Origins claims they are purely natural, they still do have synthetics (and possible animal byproducts!). Origins have some products that are completely safe but some products that are so dirty you wanna puke, check out EWG for chemicals that we should watch out for in some of their products. Almost half of it have an alarming hazardous score! (Read more here)


Origins Manila SM Makati

As you can see, they state in their website that they are using natural and certified organic ingredients (but didn’t disclose they are using them in ALL of their products. Also they said they’re using 100% natural essential oils, not disclosing that they use “artificial fragrance” in most of their products especially in their A perfect world BB cream according to EWG.

Claim: Origins is free from parabens, pthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients. 

Again this is also true! Origins is free of these popular toxic stuff, but they don’t disclose that most of their products include these equally hazardous chemicals “Retinyl Acetate, Fragrance, Oxybenzone, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Methylisothiazolinone, Eugenol and Citral” Most of which scores an alarming red 8-9 at EWG, meaning they are hazardous to human beings- endocrine disruptors, cancerous, cellular level changes and developmental and reproductive toxicity. EWG report here.

According to EluxeMagazine, their A Perfect World Age Defense Moisturizer has the chemical “Octocrylene” which when absorbed into the skin studies shows causes harmful free radicals generation when exposed to light. Free radicals damage DNA thus this concern attributes to a lot of melanoma cases. The ingredient “methylisothiazolinone “is so toxic that Canada has banned its use in cosmetics and the EWG listed “biochemical or cellular level changes, endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, cancer” amongst its concerns for this brand.

Claim: Origins claims they are cruelty-free

A concern for vegans is the use of “Squalene”, which is derived from Sharks. This is debatable since squalene can be plant based too. But Origins doesn’t confirm of this and may actually be not cruelty-free too. Also their parent company Estee Lauder does test on animals and also sells in China. Would you still patronize a company that does barbaric acts to animals? Remember, the more we patronize them, the more these companies expand and spend  for more ingenious marketing and advertising tactics! While those ethical chemicals (mostly local), that we usually ignore disappear.

Claim: Our products are purified and tested multiple times for safety and performance. This guarantees every Origin product is worthy of your trust.

That’s great, but no claims it is cruelty-free. No PETA certification or at least a pledge to show they don’t torture animals.

Claim: We unleash each ingredient’s unique power using advanced and earth-friendly practices. Our plant ingredients come from renewable sources that ensure we help protect the Earth and the environment.

This one’s probably true. They have Plant-A-Tree campaigns and has aided global reforestation. Also into Breast Cancer Campaigns. This green marketing strategy is such a hit to consumers.

Final Verdict

This is a list of ingredients you will see in their website which makes us, smart consumers wonder why they are hiding some ingredients. I mean why not really just go truly organic and natural as you claim to be?

origins3Based on all this information and this lack of disclosure, even if I attended their glamorous recent launch and received expensive sponsored goodies, I don’t think I would be a raving a fan like most beauty bloggers do (for lack of the right information). :(

Sorry this blog is all about honesty and transparency for me. I don’t think I would want to patronize a company that aims to mislead consumers. They said their products were extremely tested and are “safe”, why would I want to put chemicals that are easily absorbed in my body and were scientifically noted to be extremely harmful to the human system? Let’s face it we can’t avoid the chemicals we face everyday, why shouldn’t we just lower it when we get the chance too? Who knows what would be the damaging effects it is doing to our bodies in 10-20 years time?  Why would I give my money to a company who supports animal cruelty? I certainly don’t expect women to listen immediately to this alarming news, there’s a study that shows that women LIKE WHAT ISN’T good for them. Like smoking and getting a tan. So I leave it up to your hands to do your thorough research as well! Good luck and I wish you chose which companies you patronize wisely!! :)


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Is Origins really worth it?
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  • Zurainny Ismail

    Yup, I used to subscribe to Origins (US) newsletter and nearly became a customer until a friend pointed out the details which I double-checked at SkinDeep. I’m not against conventional/non-natural products (though I prefer natural/organic ones) but when they mis-rep themselves too much, it made me suspicious. Well done Tina! 😀

  • audrey9able .

    This is good! I had been thinking on purchasing Origins, but had to do my research first. Thank you for this! And thank you for the links on EWG. I’ve been looking up other eco/cruelty-free/vegan websites dedicated in researching and just being frank about which is and which isn’t eco/cruelty-free/vegan. This post is a savior!

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