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It’s rainy Dengue season! We’ve tried literally a dozen of all-natural citronella bug repellant sprays and lotions and so far this one’s one is a classic favorite mainly because it’s SUPER CONCENTRATED. Also it has one of nature’s most powerful all natural antibiotic- propolis. Bee propolis disinfects and prevents  bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also strengthens the immune system! For Php100 bucks ($2.3 0) it’s guaranteed to keep off pesky lurking mosquitos and bugs while acting as antibacterial all at the same time, awesome right?

Ilog Maria is one of Tagaytay’s best kept secret. It’s a local family owned business situated in Silang, Tagaytay. Tourists and foreigners flock the place when they visit Tagaytay. They said it’s a must-see. The owners believed that the place is blessed by the Virgin Mary so they called it “Ilog Maria”. They said there were signs of hail of stones during the time of their enlightenment. Ilog Maria is known for their timeless honey-based/ propolis-based products. Formulations have been made from 30 years to 300 years ago. . All their products are all-natural and bee-produced. They’re popular for their bee pollen tablets which heals a lot of diseases, their wildcrafted handmade soaps, their wild honey and a plethora of therapeutic natural medications. All the products became popular through “word of mouth”, without the need for marketing.  They became popular and finally decided to allow importing to the United States, Europe and other Asian countries.

“We are spirtual beings.We recognize that all creation is grounded in spirit. We are farmers, we make a living through careful and responsible stewardship of nature. Everything is purely from natural sources, locally sourced, wild-crafted, organic because we ourselves are the first and last to use the products. For the last 30 years, We haven’t used any pesticides or chemicals in our farms. “- Ilog Maria

Ilog Maria Tagaytay

Their bug-repellant oil is known to be of citronella and lemongrass so it has a very strong smell. I know some people prefer the mildly scented ones, but to be honest, they don’t seem to work for me and my baby. We’re still being feasted upon by mosquitos like lechon! @@ Although this one’s thick greasy (because it doesn’t contain alchohol and is olive-oil based), you should put 3-4 drops and your good for a large portion of your legs or arms. Unlike other brands that have more mixed fillers, this one’s a pure concentrate. The oil is intensely moisturizing you may skip on your lotion if you plan to wear this. This lasts us 3-4 months! Perfect if you’re living in the cold areas. The oil feels a bit warm and heals dries skin.

“Bee propolis is nature’s most powerful antibiotic. It is a sticky, substance excreted by flowering buds and under the bark of trees.  It is even capable of destroying bacteria that have now become resistant to modern synthetic antibiotics.”

Why do I love it?

#1: It’s all natural (Deet-free, Non Toxic). 100% Vegetarian.

#2 Full power. Effectively eradicates mosquitos a block away

#3 Has antibacterial, anti-viral properties. Cleanses and disinfects while repelling pesky bugs and mosquitos

#4 It’s warm and soothing.

#5 I like oil-based because they act as moisturizers


Other products to try:

  • Propolis Throat Spray
  • Propolis – the most natural probiotic in the world! Good for allergies, mild infections and fevers.
  • Propolis Ointment
  • Bee Pollen – fights fat, increases metabolism, and the most complete food in the world
  • Honey Cider Vinegar – (especially since Brag’s is quite scarce lately)
  • Wild Honey
  • Handmade Soaps like Lavender, Rosemary, Bamboo Charcoal, and Kalamansi


Where to buy?

Ilog Maria Store

Telefax: +63 46 – 865 – 0018.


Mailing Address: P. O. Box # 1 , Silang 4118, Cavite, Philippines

or at

Ilog Maria Resellers:

Salcedo Saturday Market, Echos Store at Serendra, Sonya’s Garden or you can directly buy online:

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Ilog Maria Bug Repellant Oil Review
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  • Melody (Hello Green Beauty)

    I use Ilog Maria’s Propolis Throat Spray whenever I feel that I’m about to have a sore throat and it really works!

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