Human Heart Nature Natural Toothpaste

I’ve recently received emails asking me what I think the best all natural toothpaste out there is. It’s a delight to know that people (mostly Filipinos) are becoming more aware of the “need” to switch for cleaner and healthier skincare and beauty products. People are becoming more aware of how commercial brands poisons us, poisons the environment and at the same time telling the big corporations who are selling these poisons while wrapping them in pretty exciting packages- A BIG NO!

Human Heart Nature, a well-loved brand both locally and internationally, known not only for its effective products, but it’s social side of patronizing local suppliers, released their toothpaste product recently. You may want to read more how this tiny little tube became a mainstay in our household.

Let’s check it out.

So it comes in a cute minimalist package. I love the front design. It makes me feel like I’m brushing my teeth with all these wonderful herbs! (No greenwashing here! In case you’re new to this blog, I’m quite sensitive to companies who does greenwashing and feature them in my ThrowOut Tuesdays here.) Human Nature has been a trusted natural brand and has been featured multiple times in different renowned press releases and magazines. So you could say it’s quite safe. Let’s see what it says here. The tube says it’s Triclosan-free, SLS-free and 100% all natural. I’m not sure if all the ingredients are vegetarian though. Not indicated. But still it’s 100% natural and that’s what matters to health freaks out there. 😉

Human Heart Nature Toothpaste

On application, I love the not so-stingy taste like the usual toothpaste, it doesn’t give you that side burn. But to be honest, it’s quite stronger than most natural toothpastes I’ve tried although it doesn’t dry your mouth after brushing. Perhaps because of the multiple natural mints in it- peppermint, spearmint, menthol and corn mint. A little bit stronger than Jason’s PowerSmile line. But I love the minty-clean taste. It gives you 24/7 fresh breath. I love that it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners like C*****e does with all the sparkling gels, glitters and all the toxic chemicals. (*wink)

Final Verdict

This toothpaste has exceeded my expectations. For a very reasonable price, this is one of my highly recommended toothpaste to try especially for Glowing Bella newbies out there. As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews about toothpaste, some ingredients like flouride, xylitol, glycerin and sorbitol are natural but are still debatable. Some people are even allergic to these ingredients.  If you’re not really keen to this though, this affordable local brand is an answered prayer and a great step for your family to start switching to natural. Baby steps! :)

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Human Heart Nature Toothpaste Review
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  • Melody (Hello Green Beauty)

    Thanks for sharing this review! I especially don’t like toothpastes that use microbeads that are non-biodegradable and go straight into our waterways and ingested by our marine creatures.

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