Miranda Kerr Dry Brush
If you’ve been reading this blog, you would know that I’m a huge Miranda Kerr fan! Aside from my 98-years old grandmother who could attest to the wonders of dry brushing, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and other Hollywood celebrities are huge believers of this ancient ritual.  My 98 years- old grandmother doesn’t eat organic, eats KitKat occasionally, doesn’t really drink tea, doesn’t have rigorous exercises, watches TV all day but there’s one peculiar ritual she has been doing no fail everyday- she rubs dry stone all over her body before taking a bath. As a kid, I was always perplexed at the different stones I see inside her bathroom. I thought she was an “aswang” (a monster creature in the Philippine folklore) and keeps magical stones so she transforms at night. Just kidding LOL  But when I asked her, she would call it “Lugod”, an ilonggo term for “skin scrub”. She says it’s just to rub some skin off her body, little did she knew that she was also stimulating her lymphatic system and swiping off those hideous toxins away! Dry skin brushing an ancient Ayurvedic beauty secret method has been used for ages. It only takes 5 minutes, costs nothing and help cleanse the body inside and out! I really believe it’s one of the reasons why I lost a lot of weight post pregnancy given that I don’t really do heavy exercise and I eat a lot and often. (Can’t stop my almonds addiction) Read more to know why Miranda and the rest of these Hollywood glowing babes are crazy about this addicting detoxifying habit!

Why do we need to stimulate the lymphatic system? An article I read before explained that our body has two circulatory system- the blood and the lymph. Our heart pumps the blood, but no one pumps the lymph. They’re usually are on “auto pilot” and needs to be stimulated to detox.  To be able to do their jobs properly and excrete toxins, we are encouraged to live a highly active lifestyle. When we are sedentary, it’s clogged, toxins build up and we get sick easily. Imagine the toxins we get from our environment and our beauty products! If you don’t do regular detoxification or exercises (and as lazy as me), then dry brushing is totally essential. Amongst other benefits are:

  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Cleans our pores
  • Increase energy and blood flow
  • Detoxifies our kidney and liver
  • Tone muscle and tighten

Dry Brush Manila

Review of Watson’s Dry Brush

First off, you’ll need a high-quality dry brush made of natural materials. It’s terrible looking for a dry brush here in the Philippines. I couldn’t find a decent one except for the Body Shop & Muji, which is costly and is always out as well. I replace my dry brush every year. I was ecstatic to discover there are cheaper versions at Watsons (P150++)! I love wooden brushes and the ones with handle particularly because it’s easy to brush my back. Body Shop & Muji brushes are way much smaller. This Watsons brush handle is totally useful to me, plus the handle can be removed if you want to concentrate on certain areas that needs more circular motions than long strokes. They’re really sturdy and cheap as well! Your brush should feel stiff, but not too stiff.

Dry Brush Manila

How do we do it?

I usually do it before shower, in the shower area and not in the room because the dead skin might fall off. Morning definitely. I don’t really brush at night, as it makes me feel energized. You brush your skin in long strokes. Usually gearing upwards towards the heart, which is best for circulation. You start at the feet towards the abdomen, then the heart. Hands towards the heart. Neck towards the heart. Legs towards your arms. Gentle long strokes towards heart. Don’t brush your face if you don’t want to grow old instantly because of a sagging skin. 😀 Never brush too hard on your skin as well. Brushing should be firm but not hurtful.

Miranda Kerr Dry Brush

How to clean your brushes

I use mild castile soap and air dry them twice a month. Usually a brush lasts for more than a year! I keep 3 of them so I can alternate when I don’t have time to wash them. Very important to wash these regularly as they contain dead skin cells and toxins.

Final Verdict

Aside from helping our lymph system to clean itself from toxins, improves circulation and encourages our body to secrete metabolic toxic waste, skin brushing reduces cellulite! Hate those preggy fats, I can attest to skin brushing! I really think it was instrumental in melting the pregnancy cellulite! :)

I love this ritual because I feel revitalized! It’s like coming out of a long spa everyday. It’s quite addicting. Dry brushing is a powerful detoxification aid! We must not underestimate it! :) Try it, you might get hooked! :) Yes to Miranda Kerr’s body and glowing skin, eh? 😀

Miranda's photo from: www.hdwallpapersnew.net
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5 Minute Hollywood Beauty Secret: A Review of Watsons Dry Brushes
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