Ysabel's Daughter Moringa WashAs a new beauty blogger, sometimes it’s quite hard to choose what products to feature in your blog especially if you have a plethora of favorites and well loved products already waiting for the spotlight. So I make it a point to just go with my gut instinct and review products on the spur of the moment. Products that gives me that umppphhh feeling and butterflies real-time! Don’t follow me since this is a non profit blog. But if you’re serious about blogging a content calendar would keep your sanity in tact. For the entire weekend, I was in a creative rut, mainly because I was so busy preparing for an event styling “passion project” while being nanny free and hyperactive two year old with me.

Today I’m sharing to you one of my previous best discoveries- Ysabel’s Daughter Peppermint Bodywash. A product I’ve been hooked eversince I laid my hands on it. Aside from the fact that it’s 100% Filipino made and all natural, the scent transcends your entire shower room into a luxurious spa getaway. The quality of this product is unbelievable and performance even better than most imported ones! Eversince I attended their product launch (I wrote here and here), I’ve been buying a few more bottled either as gifts or I secretly save it on my stash for special occasions. To be honest, I am not the bodywash type of person, more of the hard bar soap kinda girl. But when I experienced this premium luxurious moisturizing wash, I became a convert.

First impressions.

I love their elegant new packaging. It  love sits perfectly pretty in the counter of our comfort rooms. It also has a nice pump. Upon application, the body wash doesn’t feel soapy at all (good sign there’s no triclosan), but it removes dirt effectively without drying off your skin. Most moisturizing bodywashes leaves you that icky sticky feeling. This one sort of regulates your PH skin balance because it actually doesn’t feel sticky at all. It gives you that clean feeling after bath without drying out.

What’s it made of?Ysabel's Daughter Moringa Peppermint Wash

The formula has of course honey in it, as most of Ysabel’s Daughter products have. Honey an age old beauty secret for youthful skin. Moringa is a superfood known to detoxify toxins and unwanted purities in the skin. It’s also a very strong anti-aging herb. (The Philippines is a country blessed with abundant growth of Moringa plants, thankfully.) Another great ingredient is the peppermint oil which gives the soothing feeling and calming effect. I actually use it as a feminine wash most of the time, especially on monthly period days! Takes out the crankiness Haha TMI. I love that the ingredients are toxic-free, preservatives free. It claims to be cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals. But some vegans would definitely argue to this as honey-based products are usually considered not cruelty free. (You may want to check my Ultimate Guide for Decoding Green Terms)

Final Verdict

Since I’m not really strict vegan and I still use honey (even eat it), I definitely love and would recommend this product. Most especially to balikbayans and foreigner friends. Filipinos can create kickass natural products! Our country is so rich in natural resources! It’s a shame if we keep it to ourselves. It’s a little bit pricey 780 per bottle especially for the regular consumer. It’s definitely a pamper-me once in a while product, but a must-have in my case. A great reliever during flu and cold season. (It’s included in my cold buster kit here.) A great gift item your titas, grandmothers or mother-in law. I’m still looking forward to try their firming lotion anytime soon!

Ysabel's Daughter Moringa Wash

You can find them at The Green Company (QC), ECHOStore Salcedo, Podium and Serendra or you can buy online at:


Beauty Manila


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Current Favorite Body Wash: Ysabel’s Daughter Moringa in Peppermint
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