“Is that magic? Is that a hoax? Is that a China dupe or something? What sorcery is that?” my ever-analytical, ever-questioning perfectionist and borderline obsessive compulsive brother tauntingly repeated the questions, as I shared my awesome discovery with so much enthusiasm. Ater a few seconds of disbelief, he took my bottle and attempted to leave the house with it. LOL Anyways, he ended up dropping by the Beauty Bar that day and bought for himself and his girlfriend. : )

This product has become my go to “quick-fix” whenever I feel my skin’s luckluster and needs a little bit of a wake-up call.  I saw this sitting prettily in Beauty Bar months ago, when the sales lady demonstrated it and convinced me to purchase it. I never had facials, chemical peels nor facial scrubs so I guess it won’t hurt to splurge on a product that will do the magic and will last for probably 6 months or so, right? Who would’ve thought that the gentlest solvent could be your tough skin saver super hero?

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila

We know makeup removers and our ordinary facial cleansers cannot remove all the dead skin. We need to remove that layer to reveal newer and healthier skin cells and only a good exfoliator can do that! It’s a plus if your exfoliator is gentle and natural! :)

“Cure is the most popular skincare product in Japan and has been in the market for 10 years already. If you follow Japanese beauty rankings and reviews, you’ll notice how this is consistently top ranked in @Cosme. For a legit reason, 1 bottle is sold every 12 seconds in Japan”

What is Cure?

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin. Cure is very gentle and removes only unwanted dead skin. It neither dries or thins your skin, preventing irritation and vulnerability to sun damage.

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila


What I love about it:

  • 90% of the ingredients is hydrogen water
  • From natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary- so you’re rest assured that you can gently remove dead skin cells without hurting your skin!
  • Preservative Free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Artificial-coloring free. The gel is transparent.
  • Mineral oil free.
  • No artificial fragrance.
  • You can see instant results in 30 seconds to 1 minute!
  • Leaves you smoother and glowing skin right after using.
  • It brightens the skin.

Who can use this?
People who are sensitive to facial scrubs and abrasive facial treatments. Please note that it contains Butylene Glycol, an ingredient which is essentially the same as Propylene Glycol and is a form of alcohol. Alcohol is not good for people suffering from Eczema, Contact Dermatis and some other skin conditions because it can irritate them. So, even if people report this exfoliator as non irritating to their skin, it might not be a suitable choice for people dealing with specific skin issues.

I’ve been using this for almost 6 months and I’m pleased with the results. Upon application, you pump a pea size amount of this colorless liquid cool gel and apply it like a moisturizer (in circular motion) to your face.  Nice clear packaging and trusty pump to avoid waste of the product. You can feel how gentle it is- no scrubs, no acids or harshness. Cure Natural Aqua Gel gently and effectively removes old and dead skin cells. You can actually see your skin flaking off. After a little peeling of the upper layer of the skin, a new skin will instantly be revealed! Your skin will look much cleaner and whiter! Results in seconds! The best part is your skin is smoother yet squeaky clean.

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila

My brother who was a super scrooge (just kidding Phil), was convinced to even buy one bottle himself!! :)

Cure complements any facial regimen to allow moisturizers, serum and other skincare formulas to penetrate deeper and better (even makeup!). With regular use, Cure keeps your skin healthy, smooth and glowing.

I also love using it in my neck, elbows, knees, underarms even in my cracked heels sometimes!


For 1,500 PHP per bottle, price is a bit steep. But then again, I don’t go to dermas and salons for facials or body scrubs so investing in a good ALL NATURAL exfoliator is a must. A cure bottle if used twice a week can last up to 3-4 months. In my case I only use it once every twice a week. The bottle lasted for 6 months and more.

Final Verdict

This one is a mainstay in my beauty regime. But please note this product is not 100% Organic or Vegan. It’s mainly purely natural ingredients and contains a tad bit of alchohol.

I want to have super smooth skin like this baby!:)

Cure has been out in the market it has won several beauty awards from publications like @Cosme and other beauty magazines. It’s been featured in Vogue Japan, Cleo, Her World and Cosmopolitan, to name a few.

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila


Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila

Cure Aqua Gel Review Manila

Glowingbelle.com  Rating 5/5

CURE Natural Aqua Gel is available in the Philippines exclusively through the Beauty Bar stores. Cure retails at Php 1500.00 for a 250 gram bottle.

***This isn’t a sponsored post.

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Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review: My Favorite NATURAL Exfoliator
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    Ohh! Interesting! Need to try this again! Coz a sales lady actually demonstrated it to me also… But now I’m convinced!(:

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