I love organic soaps mainly because they don’t only clean but nourish the body as well. Really, who wants to rub chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate all over themselves? Colors, synthetic lathering agents and antibacterial soaps contain a dangerous chemical called triclosan, capable of causing cancer. Dangerous chemicals in soaps can hamper the body’s ability to fight off bacteria, can wash off the skins natural oils, and are definitely no good for people with sensitive skin. In fact, some studies have suggested the amount of chemicals found in soap can cause male infertility.

If you’re trying to minimize the amount of toxins that enter your body, eating good food, drinking purified water and switching to natural skincare and cosmetics is very important. One of the challenges of finding organic soaps is the price. Usually they range from PHP 60-400 pesos per bar!  When I found these soaps with the “Consumer Badge Award” at SM Aura Grocery Store, I was ecstatic to try. At 65-80 PHP only per soap.

Cyleina Organic Soaps

Cyleina Organic Soaps


I like their simple packaging and plastic wrapped around the soaps.

Cyleina Organic Kojic Papaya Soaps

Cyleina Organic Kojic Soap

I love Kojic Soaps! They’re very effective especially for acne. There’s so many in the market that claims they’re effective but unfortunately still contains these harmful chemicals. Some are even too pricey, even if they have the same effect as these.  These lightened some dark spots, and made my cheeks a bit pinkish, so yes I’m repurchasing! The Kojic soaps didn’t smell like papaya like other commercial brands, instead they smell like caramel! Yummy!

Cyleina Rice Bran Organic Soaps

Cyleina Organic Rice Bran Soap

I’m a fan of Rice Bran as well! I’ve been loving Oryspa brand and had been using their products. But  I still think Cyleina Rice Bran Soap is a huge contender. They smelled like cocoa butter.

Cyleina Organic Carrot Soap

It was my first time to use carrot soap. I love the scent. I felt edible haha. There’s this mild orangey-lemoney scent after bath. Lathers easily. And it does exfoliate skin! I love the cooling effect.  I love how effective these soaps are. So great for exfoliating.

What I love about Cyleina Organic Soaps

  • They’re 100% organic. Safe even for pregnant women!
  • Scent’s not that overpowering
  • Both soaps don’t make my skin feel too dry and squeaky clean maybe because they don’t contain all the harmful ingredients
  • Gives you a certain glow and moisture after shower
  • Organic soaps easily melt as they don’t contain soap hardeners. So I usually cut them into pieces.
  • They do dry the skin a bit this summer, but don’t forget to slather on your favorite lotion! :)

I can’t wait to try the Black Pearl, Strawberry and Tomatoe Soaps. Have you tried these awesome budget-friendly soaps? It’s currently one of my bathroom staples. So why organic soaps? The skin is not only the biggest organ it is very porous and easily able to absorb whatever is put on to it.   If I have all the time in the world, I would love to make my own handmade soaps! What’s your recent favorite organic soap brand lately?


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Awesome Organic Soaps by Cyleina
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  • audrey9able .

    I had to look up your website to see about Cyleina because I’m worried that their cruelty-free/vegan/ethical stamp could be questionable. I’m glad that it is legit and realized they have other soaps in different ingredients. Thanks for having this review!!!

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