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Words health-freaks like us love to hear!The Wholesome Table Fort Bonifacio

The WHOLESOME TABLE has been in BGC for almost a year already and has sprouted into a few more branches in the posh Fort Area. Lucky us there are still sustainable restaurants in the area. (I heard the good ones are sprouting around QC) The wholesome table is owned by the beautiful model / celebrity Bianca Araneta who also owns the famous Italian restaurant named Aria in Boracay. It’s quite hard to find an all-natural, all-organic restaurant around the metro that’s well-designed and healthy at the same time.


The Wholesome TableThe hip, organic vibe inside is an organicaholic’s dream haven- industrial lights, trees inside, mason jars, superfoods, crystals, rustic, shabby chic look and feel. The restaurant is always jam-packed with yuppies during lunch time. Foreigners flock around it during dinner time. I think they needed a bigger space. It’s great to know that people are beginning to make smarter choices in food.The Wholesome Table FortThe Wholesome Table FortThe Wholesome Table Fort

What’s on the menu?

German cheese plates, organic meats, sandwiches, paninis, pastas, the famous Aria Pizzas, powerbowls, detox juices, nutmilks, smoothies, refreshers, coffee and of course lots of green and vegetarian choices- all coming from organic sources, free-range chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood and local artisan products. Everything is sugar-free, trans-fat free and they have gluten-free options as well.

Our picks

This famous complimentary potato bread- is the bomb. I was contemplating if it was sugar-free and gluten-free. Unfortunately something as tasty as this is not. :) But it’s guaranteed to be bromate-free and preservative-free.


Organic mushroom fritters (320Php, around $8)DSCF2262

For appetizer we opted for something vegetarian. Whole button mushroom balls with mozzarella cheese breaded and deep fried. Nothing special about it. But the salsa sauce was obviously fresh and made from scratch.

EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA (P350, $7.77 +10% service charge).DSCF2273

This one’s our favorite. Layers of eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes, and tofu bits in a rich tomato sauce, served with garlic bread. I even panicked I thought the tofu was meat! Meatlovers, would really love this tasty and rich dish. Totally guilt-free!

Salmon in Basil Cream (P380, $7.87 +10% service charge).

Salmon Basil Wholesome Table

This salmon basil pasta is fresh, creamy, not too salty. It’s obviously made from fresh ingredients. It gives me peace of mind that there are no artifical salts and MSG mixed in it. Our usual pasta at home tastes like this one. It’s safe to say that Wholesome Table doesn’t scrimp on their ingredients. Given that it’s a bit expensive than the other restaurants around it. After eating, you don’t feel the guilt. 😉 Lesser salt, healthy oils, synthetic-free, preservative-free.


Lemon Grass Iced Tea (P150, $3 +10% service charge).

This one is just basically lemon grass and honey. Very refreshing. I love it.

I wanted to order more of their nutmilks, smoothies and their granola desserts but we are so full already. What happened to these two buffet-loving foodies before? Whole natural unprocessed food is definitely filling!

DSCF2300 DSCF2301

Just a picture of comfort rooms. They are very clean, pleasantly smelling and still have that organic vibe.

Final Verdict

The Wholesome Table doesn’t really fit into the Filipino palette. Foreigners, mostly Italians and Europeans are raving about it compared to Filipinos. (You may see some negative reviews online) Filipinos have a high-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-glycemic way of life and I can attest to this because most of my relatives, family and friends and even me, used to have that kind of lifestyle. Pinoys (Filipinos) love buttery, deep-fried, flavourful and soulful food, even if we know it’s really not healthy. Filipinos love food that’s a little bit salty than the usual, sweeter, thicker and  creamier. For someone who has been into clean eating / semi-plant based for almost two years now- it was just perfect for my palette. I love discovering restaurants that are toxin-free and all-natural as possible. Preparing and cooking my own food at home, I can say that Wholesome Table remained true to its manifesto.

The Wholesome Table Fort Bonifacio

Everything’s raw and fresh. And I love that they use superfood in almost all of their dishes. It’s rare to find a restaurant that does that. Overall, I love eating at Wholesome Food Table because I feel like I’m at home, and I have peace of mind. You will see the difference after eating there. You will feel cleaner instead of guilty for indulging. :)

Open Daily 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
30th St Corner 7th Ave Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Instagram: @thewholesometable

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An Honest Review of The Wholesome Table, BGC
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  • babyjetsetgo

    Ah, I’m finally at that age where making the right food choices matter. I’m turning semi-vegan din. 80% of the time I prefer a plant-based diet over the lechon, bacon, crispy pata ones that I used to overindulge in. I’m glad options like these are now coming out. Will try it soon…that eggplant parmigiana looks delish!

  • Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    But this is an interesting concept ha :) And you are right, the place is IG-worthy. he he! I want to try it out!

  • Amethystine

    Me and my family are also going organic. That salmon in basil cream looks yummy! Ang layo lang kasi ng BGC from where I live.

  • Maan Laxa

    That eggplant parmigiana looks so delish! I wish more organic restos will open up in Davao. So far, I haven’t tasted one organic dish which I didn’t like! Clean, organic ingredients are really something else.

  • g co

    I HATE HATE this place! If you want to be food poisoned then come here! Dirty food! Its been 2 days and my daughter is still sick so we have to bring her to the hospital! I also have to see my doctor as im pregnant! We went to eat with my daughter who just turned 2 a month ago. Ordered protein bowl, vongole pizza and lasagna for the 3 of us. My daughter and I both ate the lasagna (which by the way was subpar taste-wise)and thats what brought us down for the past 2 days.

    Its been 2 days and we both still have stomach cramps and diarrhea but hers is accompanied with a fever which wont go down even with tempra. We have been hydrating her with hydrite and gatorade. She wasnt able to sleep again last night because of this. I am so mad!!!!

    and btw a lot of their food is not healthy! fried food??? bottled pre-made veggie juices with tons of apple juice to make it super sweet? you basically lose a lot of the enzymes by that time and that much apple juice is just too much sugar!!!

    How do i know? Ive been juicing for over 5 years (except during pregnancy). The recipes for the juices are all available online. I made the exact same juice except I only add 1 green apple for per 2 glass servings and not several red apples to make it super sweet. It defeats the whole purpose of juicing if you are just filling yourself up with sugar!

    Veggies are juiced so you can get more nutrients, enzymes etc whiles fruits should be shaked so your body isnt overwhelmed by the sugar and you get the fiber.

    • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

      awwww so sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience. I hope their management was notified about this. :( Thanks for sharing your experience. I haven’t tried their juices but you’re right, veggie juice shouldn’t be majorly on fruits as this is all sugar content. I also don’t use apple since we don’t have organic apples in the country.

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