Susi Vegan Restaurant in BGC

I’ve been meaning to review this restaurant for so long. With all the unhealthy options surrounding Burgos Circle, this one’s heaven-sent!

First impressions, the eco-looking hip, industrial, rustic design caught me off my feet. I love everything about the restaurant, especially the wooden walls that gives you that cool, relaxing ambiance. It has this earthy feel, but very modern and sexy.

vegan restaurant BGC,

This is their “sun room”. It’s well-lit, beautifully designed and extremely Instagrammable. I can’t stop taking pictures of the place.

Susi Vegan Restaurant in BGCvegan restaurant BGC,

Lentilas Provencal

Lentilas Provencal (375 Php)

Being vegan doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of protein! This salad is made of kale, sweet potatoes, candied beets and mushroom bacon- all protein packed. All crunchy but tasty!

kale, sweet potatoes, candied beets and mushroom bacon

kale, sweet potatoes, candied beets and mushroom bacon

The famous “El Chimichurri” aka “Beet Burger” (PhP 475). This vegan burger is all raved upon all over the Manila vegansphere.  It’s absolutely gluten free without the oats. Quite hard on the first bite but quite heavy and filling. It’s quite big I was surprised. You can actually share this with someone. As for flavor, the “beet patty” was absolutely earthy, doesn’t taste like “meat”, but it’s still yummy. Everything was quite bland but the chimichurri, a delicious green sauce originally from Argentina spiced it up. And how I adore the roasted sweet potatoes!


The famous “The Emerson” (PhP 495). According to the folks there, it’s their best seller. It’s made of baked lentil-mushroom loaf served with zucchini-aubergine ratatouille and mashed potatoes. It was very filling and heavy. But I have to warn you it’s quite bland and it doesn’t taste like meat.  Although I still love it, it’s still very satisfying. In fact my husband brings me this as take out most of the time. :)
Susi BGC

susi restaurant

Can’t wait to try these gluten free goodies one of these days:DSCF4049


Final verdict

The vegan dishes were very creative. Restaurants like these really inspires me to push through my journey of being 100% plant based! I mean, being vegan doesn’t have to be “boring” and “uncool”. This restaurant proved that a compassionate life is awesome. I have to give kuddos to all vegans/vegetarians out there.

The dishes are quiet average compare to other vegan restaurants I’ve tasted. Their edge is the location and the beautifully designed place. I hope they improve more on the dishes. I can’t wait to update this post as I explore more of their dishes soon.


Susi Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant
Bellagio 2, Forbestown, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
 (02) 8337874
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An honest review of SUSI, BGC
  • Anne

    I would love to give this place a try. And you’re right about the interiors. They really are so cool and relaxing!

    • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

      yep 😀

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