Tina Madrazo

Hello Glowing Bellas!

I’m Tina Madrazo, from the sunny side of the world– Philippines. (Photo taken in Bali) I have an unquenchable thirst for life, travel and the world’s beauty.

“I’m on a mission to empower you to be the best version of yourself  through conscious compassionate living- stronger, healthier, genuinely beautiful, and bursting with life, passion, and energy- free from sluggishness and disease.You don’t need those harsh chemicals (and sleazy brands) to “feel” beautiful while sacrificing your health and the planet (and those cute furry animals being subjected to torture from animal testing :( )We are designed to be in harmony with nature, because nature is designed to bring out the best in you!!!”

I created this space for Glowing Bellas like you to serve as your guide, to provide you the tools that would enable you to live a more conscious, compassionate but beautiful healthy life. Join me in this wonderful journey of looking for safe, natural, animal & planet-friendly beauty tools and skincare!

First things first– I’m not your typical tree hugger.  Not your glorious green hippie vegan yogi girl.

Not even purely vegetarian. I want to be on a plant based diet eventually but I still eat honey and bee-by products. I’m occasionally pescetarian too.  I also don’t do hardcore yoga. I do love to meditate in the morning and do the basic stretches, but I’m not your typical green girl. (Sorry to disappoint you) I used to be that carefree YOLO yuppie who works 10++ hours a day in a corporate setting, likes to travel, shop and have all things pretty and shiny. I consumed unhealthy fast food, slathered toxic carcinogens on my skin (especially drugstore brands ugh), partied all night, watched season after season of my favorite tv shows, I was exposed to people smoking, all of which changed- until I became pregnant.

I was constantly in fear that I won’t have a normal baby. (Paranoid much :))  Relatives and friends also became sick suddenly too. I began questioning each and every product I put into my body. I left the advertising IT world because of this pregnancy and started reading on blogs, researching on what’s good and not. This special time opened me to a whole new world that some people sadly don’t know. How much toxins an ordinary average person consumes and is exposed to in a day- from pollution, to the air we breath, the food we eat, the surroundings we live in up to the lipsticks and mascarras we put daily!

A year after pregnancy, I worked for the ESG(Environmental Social and Governance or known before as CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility) industry where we score different carbon footprints and measure giant company’s energy, environmental and compliance solutions to enable them to become more sustainable and boost their brands as well. This opened up my eyes to a bigger world of more ethical and social issues.

My love (and addiction to makeup and skincare) combined with my obsession to health has enabled me to finally fire up this blog! I want to share this world because it made me feel ten times better, ten times younger in the inside and happier than ever.

I do hope that I empower women to be beautiful without putting toxins to their bodies or loved ones at the same time to be more kinder and compassionate to the planet and those living in it.

I never thought it was possible to live a greener life, but everytime I look at my pretty baby girl (my inspiration to do all of this), I learned that not only is it possible but it feels more amazing . So yes I’ll be recommending products (not only those that are CRUELTY FREE), but products that are:

  • SAFE

Aside from being a green beauty blogger, I also do branding consultation and management, digital marketing strategies and event styling. (My service can be seen here.)

I hope I inspire you to go with me in this journey! Thank you for following along. Enjoy! Stay fabulous! :)

Love, beauty and light,