Complete List of Vegan Lipsticks
It feels great (even empowering) to wear the perfect lipstick, but not those toxic ones that’s killing you slowly everyday. Today is National Lipstick Day, let me devote this day to save lives. (Literally! You can too if you forward this article.) Do you know that the average woman retouches her lips 2-14 times a day! How many pound of lipstick is that in a year?

Just a refresher of why we stick to VEGAN & CRUELTY products and not just CRUELTY-FREE ones: So when a beauty blogger or a Pinterest post says these are their favorite CRUELTY-FREE products, this doesn’t really mean the products are free from toxic and harmful chemicals. The BEST choice is to pick what’s vegan, cruelty-free and natural at the same time!  (For extra precaution you view the CHEATSHEET to shopping green, such as scanning a product in the Think Dirty app or checking EWG etc etc.) Do not trust the labels.

What’s in your lipsticks?

Toxic Lipsticks Alternative Vegan

LEAD- a carcinogen and a PROVEN neurotoxin is dangerous to fertility especially to pregnant women and children. So don’t underestimate the danger of your toddler trying out your lipstick for fun.

SYNTHETIC or PETROLEUM WAXES: such as Microcrystalline Wax or Polybutene which aren’t too harmful but causes allergic reaction.

ARTIFICIAL COLOURS: Derived from coal tar known to cause cancer and neurologic diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Phthalates – an endocrine and reproductive disruptor.

MINERAL OILS: The glossy shine from lipstick which dries out the lips and sometimes could cause / induce allergy.

Parabens- enacts a lipstick preservatives. Famous endocrine disruptor and carcinogen. (But don’t believe a product when it explicitly labels its packaging that it’s “paraben-free”, still check out the ingredients)

BHA and BHT are used to stop the fats in lipsticks from going rancid and may contribute to cancer and tumors.

Synthetic Fragrances:  Amongst the top five skin allergens, causing topical reactions like contact dermatitis. They are known to be carcinogens, they do cause birth defects and central and nervous system disorders too.

Artificial Anti Aging: (Poly) methyl methacrylyte (PMMA), synthetic polymer beads erases lip “wrinkles”. It’s linked to severe allergic reactions and cardiovascular issues.

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Complete NON-TOXIC Vegan & Cruelty Free Lipstick Brand List

To save you from the hassle of doing research, I’ve collated the ultimate vegan lipstick guide (which I will be updating frequently). Remember that vegan means no animal byproducts and they are cruelty-free too!

100% Pure- A Personal Favorite
1121 Apothecary
a.dorn –
Ahimsa Naturals – 100% vegan!
AILA Cosmetics – 100% vegan!
Alba Botanica
Alima Pure
Au Naturale- A Personal Favorite
Avalon Organics
Beauty without cruelty-A Personal Favorite
Concrete Minerals
Earthly Body
Eco Tools
Ecco Bella
Emani – A Personal Favorite
Gabriel Cosmetics-A Personal Favorite
Inika-A Personal Favorite
Jane Iredale
Kjaer Weis
Lippy Girl
LukBeautifood (still to try!)
Pacifica- A Personal Favorite
Red Apple Lipstick
Silk Naturals
Zosimos Botanicals -A Personal Favorite
Zuii Organic
Zuzu Luxe

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A Complete List of NON-TOXIC Vegan & Cruelty-Free Lipstick Brands (And our favorite ones!)
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  • Genalin Crehencia

    Where can we buy these lipsticks?

  • audrey9able .

    Thanks for sharing the list! I think most are now online, but will hunt them down in stores or malls whenever there’s a chance!

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