Every day, we surround ourselves with machines and technology that constantly bombard us with electromagnetic radiation, i.e. telephones, computers, televisions, WIFI routers, satellite TV, etc. These devices cause “spikes” and distorts the so called “60 cycle electric field” (whatever that means *wink wink). Computer hard drives, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, high-efficiency bulbs, electric heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners emits signals which causes electron build up (just as we have toxic buildup) and disrupts our body’s electromagnetic fields, damaging our tissues, causing inflammation- hence resulting to a sea of diseases. You can actually use a cheap body voltage meter from hardware stores to measure how much electricity is being induced on you while lying in bed or sitting on a chair.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I met a lady who’s really into “Earthing” or “Grounding”, we were fascinated by the concept so we decided to apply it to our daily lives and do extensive research. So far after trying it intentionally a few times, I felt really more energized and I have a good night sleep! Here are some few tips I learned along the way–

What is Earthing or Grounding?

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. It simply means connecting to the Earth’s natural, negative surface charge by being barefoot outside or in bare skin contact with conductive systems indoors while you sleep, relax, or work.

The bottoms of the feet have long been considered maps of the rest of the body, so by grounding through the feet we are simultaneously allowing currents of rejuvenating charges to power our vital organs and synchronize the systems of the body, hence a supercharged body and immune system. Electrons are also likened to antioxidants in their ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate red blood cell circulation. Earthing can reduce chronic pain, improving Sleep, increasing Energy, lower stress, promote calmness by reducing stress hormones, it normalizes biological rhythms, improve blood pressure and blood flow, relieve muscle tension and headache, speeds healing, eliminate jet lag, protect the body from EMFs, reduce or eliminate snoring, support adrenal health and reduce osteoporosis

“When you’re grounded there’s a transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. “

8 Valuable Grounding or “Earthing” Tips:

Grounding Tip #1: Connect to the Earth at least once or twice a week.

40 minutes a day would usually have visible results, but for most of us people who need to work, that is really impossible! Once or twice a week will do.  Sit in the grass from which your body can draw the Earth’s electrons. Wood and vinyl are not conductive surfaces. If going barefoot isn’t realistic a warm basement with a concrete floor will do. Dip your toes in the lake from time to time during vacation. Run in your clean garden. Be out in nature; go to a field, a mountain, a swamp, a river, a stream, a beach, the ocean. Get out of the office, off of the couch. Plant your own garden and flowers and regularly tend them. Be in the presence of nature, as much as possible!

Last weekend we went to a friend’s beach resort, and as usual, it’s always revitalizing! The sun, sea and air does wonders!

” When grounding (whatever method you use) remember to send love down that grounding into our planet earth. It is healing from the inside out just like we are. Love and Light.”

Grounding Tip #2: Use Grounding Technology.

You can opt to use grounding technology such searching mats or earth sheets that that might have electron charges. You can plug it in and still enjoy the benefits while you work and sleep. I’m still really skeptical about this. I think the natural way is still the best!

Grounding Tip #3: Grounding your computers and electronic devices.

There are grounding cables and laptop radiation shields available in the market these days. Cellphones have those cheap radiation stickers too you can get at National Bookstore, CDR-King or simply at your nearest cellphone market. Others would opt to buy radiation glasses, and mommy-to-be’s are into this latest “radiation shield blanket craze” from Belly Armor . Other important tips is to stay 6 feet away from laptops most of the time, putting our cellphones on airplane mode while we sleep, using headsets while we call and limiting our call times or simply just turning our home WIFI’s off when we don’t use it at all.

Technology is such a double-sided sword sometimes. Even Steve Jobs don’t let his children use iPad and iPhones at home. (Article here)

Grounding Tip #4: Combat EMFs with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps and cactus plants and put it in front of our computers to absorb EMFs. They’re available usually at weekend markets such as Salcedo and Legaspi Village Markets.

Do you know that natural crystal salt lamps help cancel out the electromagnetic radiation being emitted by your computer thus helping to maintain a normal ionic balance in the air.

Grounding Tip #5: Eat Grounding Food.

Food coming from the Earth. Think RAW, plants, vegetables, root crops, superfood are the Earth’s vital gift to maintain a long-lasting life! Eating them raw to preserve enzymes is very important. Lots of super healthy recipes on the GLOWING RECIPES corner 😉 Of course… Drink a lot of water, just like a tree!

Grounding Tip #6: Ground your emotions.

“The first step isn’t running away from the anxiety, it’s connecting to it and getting grounded.”

They say we are energy fields with charging emotions. We can choose how we feel. We can choose how to respond. Visualize the Earth and connect to its energy. When we are full of negative emotions, simply tune them out and become a tree!! Haha Grow, stretch and reach for the sky. Drink sunlight! Feel the peace and calmness that comes with it. Visualize being with the mountains. Feel your crown touch the sun’s glory. Just hit those jackass with your trunk! 😉

Grounding 101

Grounding Tip #7: Ground together.

Hug someone today! Two electrical organisms on ground balances electromagnetic fields that have gone haywire! 😀 Touch another organism, hug a loved one, your pet or even hug a tree! It’s science.

Grounding Tip #8: Ground with Crystals

Some people believed crystals add more healing. I’m not one of those hard-core meditation gurus that include crystals, well I’m just entertaining the thought, it’s a bit intimidating for me, but if you have the time and the money to splurge on it why not? Here’s why crystals add more negative ions to the grounding process–

Grounding with Crystals

Some final thoughts.

In a spiritual level, I’ve always believed that as citizens of Earth and Mother Nature, we are all interconnected. The Earth is constantly bathing life on the planet with its coherent electromagnetic field. It has provided our bodies with electrons, so our systems function well. The natural organism needs to mutually cooperate and harmonize with the Earth couple its energy to its place in its place electromagnetic field. (Sorry such geek) When we are at synch, our electrons are at synch our body systems function well which enhances our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Take note that Grounding or earthing is a controversial topic raising eyebrows even there had been verifiable and measurable scientific results on cortisol levels. I still believe grounding can possibly be the missing link however, combined with eating organic and local food, eating food directly from the Earth and the Sun (removing all human-made processed ones), connecting to our source (God) frequently and mixing that with everyday gratitude and meditation results to a healthy, empowered, sustainable and blissful life.  It’s really amazing to think just how healing this planet really is, from the beautiful food that grows here to nourish us to the benefits of just lying in the grass on a sunny afternoon. Nature is God’s tools for healing.

Happy Tuesday Glowing Bellas!

YES my one-year-old-daughter is into grounding too! Haha Wait till you see her doing some yoga poses soon too! haha

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8 Grounding or “Earthing” Tips
  • Jem Alvarado

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been doing earthing before quarterly at the beach and now it reminded me to do grounding. I believe that these tips are very healthy to our well-being. :)

  • http://www.davaomommy.com/ Maan Laxa

    Oh, this is actually the first time I’ve heard of such concept. Unfortunately, I haven’t grounded for some time now, but maybe I will based on what you wrote here. :-)

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    This is also my first time to read about this. Very very interesting. I dunnow about the scientific arguments, but what I do know is that I love connecting physically to the earth. This is why I’m dying to get out of the city and be at the beach or something. Hopefully the rains stop and we can go.

  • nicolepaler

    I’ve not heard of grounding, although I do believe in some aspects of what you shared cause well, when I’m in a negative mood I do exactly what you said which is imitate a tree and reach for that sunshine. I’m gonna try out the other things that you have written here as well, it may be part of the reason why our great grandmothers were able to live up to a 100 years or more. 😀

  • http://zaineandi.wordpress.com/ liz

    this is the first time i’ve heard of grounding. sounds interesting. will research about this further. :)

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    This is new to me as well. I’d love to try some of the ways to ground, especially those related to gadgets. I feel that too much use is really not good for our health.

  • http://balotschatter.blogspot.com/ Balot

    This is something new and it does makes sense as one way to go back to basics and reconnect to nature. Thanks for reminding us 😀

  • Chinky

    I really relish the time walking on grass, dipping my feet in the sea or the lake and simply breathing in fresh air outdoors! I didn’t know that there’s a term to this and to explain the wonderful feeling of connecting back to nature! :)

  • http://www.pehpot.com/ Mommy Pehpot

    I always believe that beach sands have a healing power and every time we go to the beach, I always aks my kids to bury me in the sand.. 2 birds in a stone! grounding + having fun!

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    Wasn’t aware grounding had other aspects! It makes sense though. Thanks for the tips especially #3.

  • Ali Gui

    Where do we get the Himalayan salt lamp? thanks

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