CocoLatto Vegan Ice CreamCocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

Let’s face it, a little cone of ice cream could instantly brighten up any gloomy day!  One of the reasons why I named my happy blog, a personal development blog devoted to Christ-centered living, mainly because ice cream gives us some deep soulful comfort that no words could sometimes! (Agree?:D) Despite its high fat and sugar content, we all are guilty to be able to finish a pint or two in our lifetime in one sitting, right? :) But before we all sulk in self-pity as we look at our waistlines and say that life is unfair, let me remind you that someone up there still loves you!Pure plant based, coconut-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and soy-free ice cream is up in the planet! (At least in the Philippines now) Let me introduce to you Cocolatto. Cocolatto is an artisanal vegan, dairy-free, low-fat alternative for the smart and conscious eaters out there. It uses coconut sugar so it’s quite safe for diabetics too. Vegans, Diabetics, Lactose-intolerant and health freaks can I get an alleluhiah!!?!!CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

When these babies arrived in my doorstep a month ago, I can’t help but think of Christmas mornings!:) They were beautifully packaged in 125 ml ice cream gold lid cups and I don’t want to eat them! They also come with an elegant cooler. (A cup starts at Php 155, $5++)

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

My Cocolatto favorites (and best sellers)

The Chocolate Cake is the bomb for me. It’s absolutely DIVINE. It reminds me of coco jam minus the sinful sweetness. Chocolate addicts would worship this! Totally comparable to the real thing.

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream Chocolate Cake

Naked Coconut. My second favorite is this one. I love the creaminess of this! Smooth texture. Very simple yet delightful. Beats any high end vanilla ice cream out there! Totally love love this. If I would be an icecream, I would probably chose this flavor. 😀 Minimalist, clean, smooth and versatile.

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream Chocolate CakeMacaroon Macarena. This one has its charm because it’s nutty, crunchy and taste exactly like your coconut macaroons. If you like some rocky texture in your ice cream, this one’s for you.CocoLatto Vegan Ice CreamMister Coffee. This one is definitely for coffee lovers! Love it! Not too sweet, but totally satisfying.

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

Lemon Lavida Loca. This one’s another favorite of mine! I wasn’t able to take a picture. But I so love the mesh of coconut cream and lemon! Reminds me of lemon flavored macarons!

Other flavors:

Bikini Banana.  The Bikini Banana reminds me of my regular blended smoothie of frozen bananas, almond milk, coconut oil and cinnamon in it. Love its taste, but nothing special to me anymore. Still I would eat this a countless of times given the choice. :)

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

Macho Mango.  This one’s for mango lovers. It’s fairly average for my palette but its still yummy. My husband who’s not really a fan of coconut loves this flavor. Amanda Griffin, the head of Glam-o-mamas and also vegan, raves about this.

Oh my Kulet.  I need to warn you of this flavor! If you’re not used to indian food- do not dare. This one really taste like authentic indian soup! Not really a fan of this flavor though. My husband thinks it taste like lipstick. LOL

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream Chocolate Cake

Final Verdict

These golden cups are really so addicting. Totally enjoying the creamy flavors. This proved that healthy eating need not be boring! They’re so delicious that two-three cups is healthy compare to store-brought commercial ones that’s full of sugar, fat, dairy (that usually is full of hormone altering properties) and artificial flavors and preservatives. So yes to these guilt-free delights! I really hope they come up with jackfruit, durian, strawberry and avocado versions! :)

CocoLatto Vegan Ice Cream

Where to buy?

View the complete list of where to buy this here.

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12 Days of Pure Bliss & Guilt Free Indulgence with Cocolatto Vegan Ice Cream
  • EINz

    Hmn… a must try! I love how they came up with flavor names- bikini banana, macho mango! Hahaha… catchy =)

    • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

      yep catchy cute names 😀

  • Mhaan Arambulo-Delos Santos

    OMG! My number one comfort food and I can eat ice cream everyday. This is a must-try because its guilt-free! They have cute names too! :)

    • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

      yes dear! it’s a must try! super addicting!

  • Cai

    Oh my goodness..everything looks so yummy! and I looove the packaging..galing ah pang-export! Hope they’d send me some too..weeee!!! ;p

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